Making a Living?


The best thing you can ever do for an artist, is to purchase their work. Praise is wonderful, but it does not make it possible to pay the bills. If there is an artist, whose work you love and if you can afford even the least expensive of their works, buy it. Take it home and marvel at it every day. Let it add beauty and wonder to your life. You will be helping that artist keep the roof over their heads, put food in their stomachs, clothes on their backs and given them the ability to make more art for you to dream about.


Developing Artists

Evolution takes longer then revolution.

There is a difference in someone just flitting around from one style/medium/subject vs evolving / changing work over time. I think that one should always test and challenge yourself with new ways of creating and new ideas. But keep in mind….not every change we make as artists is worthy of marketing right away. Be patient and take your time.

Politics and the Art Market

The virulent anger that this Presidential campaigning has bred is so divisive and brings up questions that are broader reaching then politics should normally touch.
I am extremely left wing politically and have many very right wing fans of my work. Should they not love my work because they disagree with my politics? Should I not sell to them because I disagree with theirs? Of course not. The politics should not affect the art, unless the art is about politics.

Seeking Gallery Representation?

Here are a few pointers I can offer for those who want to have their work considered for gallery representation…..any gallery. Save yourself some frustration and do your due diligence.

– Make sure you either visit the gallery or the gallery website. Try to make an honest assessment about whether your work may fit in there. For example, if you are a portrait painter, and they don’t carry any figurative work, it might not be a good fit.

– Contact the gallery to ask if they are open to considering new artists and if they have a submission policy. Nearly every gallery will.

Squealing with Joy



There is some kind of misconception that an artist needs to be humble and self effacing when they receive a compliment about their work. Truth is, I love my work. Looking at it, I can see the flaws, but I also can stare at it in wonder knowing that I created it. That feeling does not get old. And it thrills me to no end when someone else tells me that they like it too. and I want to dance with joy when they purchase it. I am no longer willing to look like I am all blase about it. So I want to change my response to that compliment. I want to squeal with happiness and I want that person to know how much it means to me to hear it. So, here is me dancing with joy and saying Thank You to all who take the time to comment on my work. It just fills me with joy.

Vintage: Caballero

Vintage - Cabellero

“Vintage: Caballero” – from the photo shoot of the Royal Hermann’s Lipizzaners from some years ago.

Personally, I adore this image. In my estimation, it combines the modernist principals I aim for, with the feel of early photography. A nod to some of the heroes of the medium. And it retains all of the characteristics of what fine art equine photography can be. Although some may object to the terminology “Fine Art”, I feel it is a very valid phrase that identifies work whose purpose/intention is quite different from documentary, commercial or journalistic photography.

The second significant point about this image, is that it is the first one that was found being used without my permission. So my first real exposure to copyright infringement. And the first time that I attempted to protect my intellectual property. Alerted by a good friend, it was used without permission, as a reference for a commercial mural and then an image of the mural was used to promote the painters business. So multiple layers of infringement. Unfortunately it was also the first instance where I learned that as a “little guy” the only person who was going to make any money or real headway from my attempt to receive any proof that the work was destroyed or compensation for it’s misuse, was my lawyer. An unhappy truth that played itself out a number of times since. So much so, that I have stopped looking for instances of infringement of my images. Even though a number of them are now registered with US copyright.

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