I am no hero, no stronger than anyone else. I just live as we all should, as if I have a million more tomorrows, whether we do or not.



February – you may be short, but you have made a long impact on me.
3 years ago – I was told that I had a large lump on my ovary. Sending me in to a tail spin made up of cancer, surgery and chemotherapy.
2 years ago – I invited a group of my equine artist friends to send me work that I could represent and I created the Equis Art Gallery.
1 year ago – I began a crowd funding campaign to help me raise money to eventually move the Equis Art Gallery into a storefront of my own.
This year – I celebrated – with another surgery, needed because of the one before, AND with the optimism to say…….This coming year will be amazing!

In Memorium: David Bowie


I am not anywhere close to the creative level of someone like Bowie, but I understand intimately, the idea of continuing to create in the face of cancer. To know that there is a very real possibility of very little time left. And a need to know that even with your last moments, you would do what you could to get as much of what was inside waiting to be made manifest….out into the world. To “say” as much as you could before you were gone.

Diptych 4

Saying, Thank You.

I went for a routine mammogram and breast ultrasound today. The technician who was to do the ultrasound, was the same one who found the tumor on my ovary 2 1/2 years ago. I mentioned it to her and thanked her. She was so touched she was nearly in tears. She said that she so rarely gets to know anything about patients after she has done tests on them. She was very grateful to hear that I was still alive and doing well. Never forget that these medical professionals feel very strongly about their work. And often never know what happens to someone once they leave their care. I had never thought about how she must have gone home after finding my tumor and wondered if I had survived. And how many others has she wondered about in her career.

I need to remember to say thank you.