The “Pledge”


This is the original Pledge of Allegiance as it was written and spoken, when the concept of a separation of Church and State was clearly understood by all. I don’t want to start any battles on my page, but this has been an issue for me since Elementary School, when I began to get in trouble for refusing to say the Pledge. And it will continue to be an issue with me, until “under god” is officially removed from the current wording. And yes, although I have not given up using money, I would love to see “In God We Trust” removed from there too since that is also a later addition. I get odd looks every time the pledge is said and I don’t say it. No hand on my heart….no words at all from my mouth. I am a devout Patriot as long being a Patriot includes that we adhere to our promise of being a secular country where believers of any faith and non-believers have an equal home. I also don’t believe that we should have clergy speaking prayers at governmental meetings, public gatherings or events that are not directly religious. I find that wrong and highly disrespectful to secular principles.

No arguments please, this is me…..Holding Myself Accountable….and saying out loud, what I believe.


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