River Bend

“River Bend”. In an effort to explain a bit about the Equiscape series – As I got more involved with photographing horses, I was drawn to lots of local events. To get imagery that I responded to, I started getting closer and closer in. Leaving out the surrounding information and focusing on the details of the horses themselves. This was not so different from what I used to do when photographing buildings in NYCity in the mid-1980’s. I first called the series, Equine Landscapes and Topographicals. At a critique I was told that title was way too unwieldy that I needed to shorten it. Make it more succinct. Thus EQUISCAPE was born. Most of the titles of the works relate somehow to a landscape. At a later critique the wonderful photographer, Keith Carter said to me that he saw them as Modernist Nudes. As sensual in horse as they would be if human. I love both interpretations of the work. – Juliet
(to see more of my work, go to Juliet R. Harrison Photography)

Winter Tufts
Winter Tufts

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