It’s My Business, It’s My Blog……

So, here is the thing…..I know that polite society manners deem that one is not supposed to talk about religion or politics. I am not sure where that idea comes from. Anglo Saxon heritage? Our early Protestant founders? It is certainly not a Jewish thing, as our society is historically based on religious debate. And certainly, it seems that it is frowned upon to post political leanings in ones place of business. But….at the same time, we have a constitutional freedom of speech and a history of political debate even on the intensely local level, as evidenced by the early governance and decision making by town hall meeting that is still somewhat practiced today.

I love living in a country where my political opinion is legally respected. So when I am urged to remove a sign of political support from the window of my business, by the opposing “side”, it makes me even more determined to keep that sign and add more. That is what this country is founded on. My right to express a supporting or dissenting opinion.

And in a community this small, it should be understood that it has nothing to do with personal or social likes or dislikes. It is my political choice. It would be very sad if we all stopped supporting small local businesses based on political opinion. Big business support can be trickier because it is about where big influencing money goes, but not local. I would hope that we would want to see local mom and pop business succeed no matter the owners politics. No one should be afraid to post support for a candidate on their lawns or in their business from concern over offending someone else or of losing business. Come in, discuss or debate with me, but don’t ask me to remove my sign.

But just to be clear. right up front…..
I am a solidly left wing liberal atheist. I am ok with myself. Are you?


You Are An Artist

untitledAs someone said to me recently, remember you are an artist not a banker. It is not all about making money. It is about so much more then that! I wish that we all could live off of the “more”. But I know that we can’t live without it.