I putting my foot down on Intolerance and will not be Tolerating it!

I am no longer tolerating any bigoted, sexist, homophobic, mean, fear mongering people. Time to unfriend. I am respectful of differences in religious and political opinion, and will comfortably debate such. But I will no longer be forgiving of public disrespect to others. Done with that. Keep it off of my wall, unfriend me if you wish, as I will be unfriending/unfollowing those who willfully demean, disrespect and bully others. Done! If that means that I lose your support for my work or my business, so be it. I can no longer keep pretending to smile and ignore that, which has been done to me, and is done to harm others. DONE! And when I get even bolder, I will start speaking up again, and loudly expressing my beliefs and opinions too! You are welcome to have a respectful debate with me at any time. Grounded in knowledge and facts. But like I said, hate speech will not be tolerated. DONE.


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