More killing……

It breaks my heart, that we live in a place where there are so many damaged, angry people that see no way out but to kill. And that this is becoming such a commonplace thing, in my mind, means there there is something deeply wrong in the world.


Saying, Thank You.

I went for a routine mammogram and breast ultrasound today. The technician who was to do the ultrasound, was the same one who found the tumor on my ovary 2 1/2 years ago. I mentioned it to her and thanked her. She was so touched she was nearly in tears. She said that she so rarely gets to know anything about patients after she has done tests on them. She was very grateful to hear that I was still alive and doing well. Never forget that these medical professionals feel very strongly about their work. And often never know what happens to someone once they leave their care. I had never thought about how she must have gone home after finding my tumor and wondered if I had survived. And how many others has she wondered about in her career.

I need to remember to say thank you.

I putting my foot down on Intolerance and will not be Tolerating it!

I am no longer tolerating any bigoted, sexist, homophobic, mean, fear mongering people. Time to unfriend. I am respectful of differences in religious and political opinion, and will comfortably debate such. But I will no longer be forgiving of public disrespect to others. Done with that. Keep it off of my wall, unfriend me if you wish, as I will be unfriending/unfollowing those who willfully demean, disrespect and bully others. Done! If that means that I lose your support for my work or my business, so be it. I can no longer keep pretending to smile and ignore that, which has been done to me, and is done to harm others. DONE! And when I get even bolder, I will start speaking up again, and loudly expressing my beliefs and opinions too! You are welcome to have a respectful debate with me at any time. Grounded in knowledge and facts. But like I said, hate speech will not be tolerated. DONE.

Cancer Sucks – long term

No amount of logical brain power can dissuade… a cancer survivor, every time something does not seem right with my body, I immediately think that it is a malignant tumor. That is just what happens. Logic does prevail eventually, but not until that first thought has lodged itself in my consciousness. So my sinuses really need to stop giving me headaches right now. Cause a brain tumor is not in my current plans.