Artwork Interpretations

Spent (Just posted to Facebook on my Artwork Public Page.)
Hi Friends – What I post here is MY own work. I am not going to debate the merit of the images on this page. That is the joy of ART. Yes, it is open to interpretation, MINE as well as yours. And make no mistake, my photography is artwork, it is not documentary photography. As artwork, it may make you uncomfortable. I have no problem with that. Art is not just to be beautiful. Your visceral response is totally valid. But so is my reason for the creation. And as artwork, you need to look deeper into what may be behind an image. The meaning of artwork is not always apparent on the surface. If you can’t do that, don’t try to critique it. And remember again, I may be trying to make you uncomfortable. I may be giving you a contradiction on purpose.

What is the truth to this image? It is a race horse, he is wet not from sweat, but from the hose that he has just been drinking out of. His bit is pulled to the side and head is up, because he is trying to get closer to get the last drops of water. But…is that what you saw or thought you saw in the image? Does the title lead you to other conclusions? I took the shot like this, I titled it. Don’t you think I may be asking you to be uncomfortable? At the same time, the horse’s eye is not startled. There is no white showing….His nostrils are flared. Drinking in extra air on a hot day right after he raced. Does your horse do that after exerting himself in a show in summer? After a work out in training? Does he pull away from your hand towards something? Remember, a Fine Art photo is a moment in time captured. It is not a whole story. But it IS pointing at things the artist wants you to see or think about. And sometimes, it is your own preconceived notions.



More words of inspiration for me

Fable, Goddess, Crow/Crone, Shaman.