Official Accountability

Let me just endeavor to remind us all – For the purposes of governance, the United States is a secular country. So, as a secular citizen and constituent of all of those who are elected or appointed to represent me, I find an email that is sent directly to my inbox, from a group representing my elected County Executive that is filled with religious dogma couched in holiday wishes, to be extremely inappropriate. It may not have cone from his official Executive email, but it is represented as coming from him. And although he mentions both Easter and Passover, it is full of mentions of Gods bounty. I have no problem with any individual being able to pursue their religious beliefs in private. Nor am I against a person being able to state to the public that they have these beliefs. I do have a big problem with those beliefs being brought into the office of an elected official in a public fashion such as this. A simple Spring wish for all, with a mention for those who celebrate to enjoy their holiday would have been appropriate.  It makes me immediately distrust that this official will serve MY interests and makes me doubt that they are going to truly be representing Me. Not that I have not had doubts about this official anyway. I have from the start. This kind of email was all about exclusion and re-election. This just cemented it for me. I will not be voting for him again in any capacity and will urge others to follow suit.  That is my right as a citizen of this secular nation.
(and I will save my rant about the Pledge of Allegiance and In God We Trust, for another day)


2 thoughts on “Official Accountability

  1. Love your blog.. I don’t know why I have not visited before.. skimming now, I will return.. Your distrust of use of religious statements rings so true for me as well… Just want to encourage you to rant and discuss. I would so love to have the opportunity to have a face to face visit.. So much of what you post gives me one of those friendly nudges.. I wish you the best of all things.. May your endeavor as a Gallery owner open up and fly.. Billie


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