At One Time – image series

At One Time, I Touched The Sky“At One Time, I Touched the Sky”

2nd in the new series shot on the Fisher Price toy camera. I also got out with my 35mm Leica and shot two rolls. Will get them to the lab in the next day or so.



What one book do you, or would you, read over again? Hard for me, because I have four.
If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler – by Italo Calvino
The Sparrow – by Mary Doria Russel
Woman on the Edge of Time – by Marge Percy
The House of Breath – by William Goyen

If they had not made such wonderful movies of them, I would be rereading the LOTR books. But I love the movies too, so they suffice. Too many new books to read anyway.


There are people who love horses and people who know horses. The people who know horses are almost always people who love horses. The people who love horses, are not always people who know anything about horses. Rhapsody in WhiteRhapsody in White by Juliet R. Harrison