From this Morning

I have a list of stuff to do today, how about you? I love when I have lists, because I can cross stuff off when I get done and it makes me feel so productive. Should I put “make the bed” on my list? That way every day would feel productive if I at least did that. And take a shower. Or eat even. …..Ok, I am heading now to – make the bed, shower and eat.


Virtual Accountability

Virtual Accountability – That is what I plan for this blog. I want to use it as a place that I can put down the random thoughts in my head. The ideas that strike me as worth holding on to. The images that seem to need a place to hold them. It is where I can rant and roar. Where I will talk openly about religion and politics. Where I will not hold back for fear of offending someone or losing fans of my artwork or collectors from my gallery. This is not the place to hang with me if you are going to argue with me. This is my place. You are welcome to see what I put here. I will be doing so freely. So leave now if you are worried about hurt feelings or are sensitive about your faith or politics. This is my journal, my diary, my safe place. For those who will hang in with me, I appreciate your presence. I am doing this because I need a place to be accountable to being honest and open to myself and the world at large. And you readers are the ones who will be my virtual audience. Thank you!